Is Your Home Hiding Something?

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Mycotoxins are tiny molecules produced by mold spores. These are dangerous to humans and can cause serious health effects if ignored. These tiny mold byproducts can go undetected in many standard mold tests. If you are concerned about exposure to these harmful toxins, contact us learn about having your home tested.

Springs Mold, LLC offers Environmental Mold & mycotoxin Assay (EMMA) testing services throughout the Colorado Springs, Woodland Park and Black Forest, CO areas. EMMA testing can detect the presence of the 10 most common toxigenic molds and 15 of the most poisonous mycotoxins, giving you peace of mind.

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Test your home for mold ASAP

Test your home for mold ASAP

If you're worried there is toxigenic mold growing in your home, a professional inspection can give you the peace of mind you deserve. Springs Mold offers top-quality mold and mycotoxin testing services at affordable rates.

You may have environmental mold if:

  • You're experiencing chronic coughing or sneezing.
  • You have frequent or prolonged headaches.
  • You notice dark, discolored spots on your walls or ceilings.
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